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A Premier Sound and Lighting Company

Star Soundz creates memories that will last a lifetime. We work with you to create an event itinerary to your specific requirements. Our experience allows us to provide input for your event that enhances your event and takes it to the next level.

We deliver the latest crowd-pleasing Top-40 music from today, as well as classic tunes in both English and Spanish. Our music selection encompasses a variety of genres, allowing you to choose the music you want for your occasion. Whether you need to get people out on the dance floor or set a more romantic mood, we'll create a song list that is appropriate for your event.


Music Services

Star Soundz is the most preferred DJ service because we take the time to understand your expectations and coordinate with other vendors to ensure important moments are orchestrated flawlessly. Your event MC and/or DJ can also double as an entertainment director to ensure every detail is handled. In addition, reliable professionals run our high-quality equipment. What more do you need to create a memorable event?

Sound and Lighting

Lighting goes a long way at setting the right mood. Our versatile equipment includes uplighting, monogram lighting, and creative lighting, which delivers both image projection and special effects on the walls. We can also provide spotlighting or highlighting to create dramatic accents in the room.

Audio and Visual Equipment Setup

We provide audio and visual equipment for corporate events.  Available equipment:

Speakers and Stands

Microphones - Wireless Handheld or Lavalier

Projector and Screen

Mixer - 10 or 12 Channel

Lighting - Uplights and Spotlights